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The school suDanzare, as part of the educational projects aimed at the study and sharing of Mediterranean cultures

in collaboration with SONIBONI


Tarantella, the dance of Mediterranean

Residential workshop

in the beautiful scenery of LECCE (PUGLIA)

24 to 31 JULY 2015




puglia italia

The workshop, planned 24 to 31 JULY 2015 includes dance workshops, concerts, tours, lessons about the Mediterranean cuisine.

The workshop is open to French, English and Italian speaking students; the purpose is the sharing of the rich intangible heritage of the dances of southern Italy, with particular attention to the tarantella.


During the stay will take intensive courses of folk dances of southern Italy and recreational activities.

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suDanzare pursues an ambitious approach to dance by teaching Tarantella with the originality of the artistic direction by Tullia Conte. The ensemble of professional dancers engaged with suDanzare is committed to making Tarantella accessible to as many people as possible through numerous educational, artistic and cultural activities.

Based in Paris, the association deals mainly with dance workshops, production and promotion of shows across Europe in Italy, Paris and France. The rhythms of tarantella, along with the interesting teaching method borrowed from the theater are leading elements of the extraordinary nature of the proposal.

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For information

tel. / WhatsApp: +33 7 54 56 33 78


Art Direction: Tullia Conte

Direction of Education: Mattia Doto

Organization: Stefania Cosi

photo © Toni Isabella

photo © kiepo Giuseppe Di Vietri

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